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Distribution on Demand​​

A comprehensive set of services

To be a true wholesale distributor, you have to provide all of the services and experience expected of our industry, while also offering the creativity to solve unique wholesale distributing challenges. Seamlessly blending those key qualities into our service offering is what makes the Fors Lux Group a strategic partner, not just a service provider.
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The Full Spectrum of Fulfillment

The challenges of order fulfilment range from simple to extremely complex. At any point on that spectrum, the Fors Lux Group is the partner of choice our clients count on to step in and provide the right fulfilment solutions. Our flexible space and strategic locations give Fors Lux Group’s clients full control over inventory levels, intake speed, and outbound product movement. The ability to easily adjust stock levels up or down helps to keep the costs of capital invested in inventory down. Order fulfilment also requires the right technology. With dedicated in-house IT experts to answer questions and programs tailored to their needs, our clients never wait for key reports or wonder when a critical issue will be resolved.

Our Order Fulfillment services include, and go well beyond, the following:

  1. Ecommerce Fulfillment
    Ecommerce Fulfillment
    We love eCommerce fulfillment: we find it fun and rewarding. Coming into a thousand single line item orders on the Sunday shift and completing them before lunch does provide a buzz not to mention a feeling of accomplishment.
  2. Retail Fulfillment
    Retail Fulfillment
    Non-EDI retailers can require a significant amount of routing compliance. At the Fors Lux Group, we provide dedicated client account managers to ensure our retail clients meet those standards.
  3. EDI Fulfillment
    EDI Fulfillment
    EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange is very demanding, but necessary to ship to most major retailers. It requires a culture of adherence to processes and procedures if a business is to survive and thrive.
  4. Pick and Pack
    Pick and Pack
    We manage a broad range of order picking, packing, and product shipment operations. Where pick and pack services are required for sales reps, buyers, marketing partners, or any other stakeholder, the Fors Lux Group delivers.
  5. International Fulfillment
    International Fulfillment
    We can ship to any destination in the world that the Department of Homeland Security allows. Our Known Shipper status with the TSA and DHS means we can rapidly expedite global fulfillment needs, inbound as well as outbound.

FLG'S Fulfillment 123'S

Order Fulfillment

Like the shipping partners we work with, our order fulfillment services cover a lot of ground. From warehousing and product storage to pick and pack services, preparing shipments for delivery to retailers and consumers, and established systems to ship and track all of those orders there are many moving parts to consider.
When all of this becomes too much to handle in-house, the Fors Lux Group is the place to turn for comprehensive services that cover every aspect of order fulfillment and the integrated technology that drives it.
Shipping and Transportation

Getting goods from anywhere to everywhere takes more than just a map and an address. Shipping and transporting goods quickly means being in the right place, which is why we provide a bicoastal fulfillment solution. Beyond location, moving goods efficiently also requires extensive experience, industry knowledge, and trusted relationships.
Our strategic partnerships with key carriers allow the  FLG to offer solutions that our clients find reliable and cost effective. Wherever they need to go, our clients benefit from the best of both worlds with our shipping and transportation services.
Value-Added Services

Exceeding customer expectations is what sets our clients apart from their competition, and we work hard to match the same high standards. Our facilities are usually the last stop for our client’s products before they arrive in their customers' hands, and we take the responsibility for this very seriously.
Our obsession with accuracy is the main reason why we offer such a wide range of services to maximize control over the supply chain.

"Hold On, Wait A Minute
​There's More!"

We Also Offer Value-Added Services 

FLG'S commitment to being a one-stop  distribution shop for our clients is what makes us a fulfillment partner, and not just a provider. Almost any activity that improves our clients' products before it leaves the warehouse could be considered added value. And it goes without saying that fulfillment providers should add value to any supply chain they manage. But what about offering the services that actually add value to products? That's what turns a supplier into a key brand partner, and that's what we take such pride in doing with our presentation and packaging services.

Our clients literally put their brands in our hands. We are usually the last party to touch their product before it heads out of the door and into the customer's arms. It is a responsibility we relish.

Providing a wide range of packaging services for our clients lets us add that finishing touch to a product that delights their customers and drives repeat business. When there's a desire or need to enhance a product before it leaves our facilities or to improve upon a customer experience, FLG has a solution to make it happen.

When our clients know exactly what they need, we have the equipment and experience to meet those requirements. When they have only a general idea of what needs to be improved, we have the creative drive to make that thought a reality!


Our clients demand the best for their customers, and it is our job to deliver, in every sense of the word
When it comes to exceeding customer expectations, offering the right value-added services is, quite simply, invaluable.

Fors Lux Group Services

With our overall expertise in delivering wholesale distribution services, there's little in the industry that the Fors Lux Group team has not done or seen.
From establishing a distribution solution that meets technical requirements and retailer compliance to value-added applications that ensure the product is perfectly packaged as it heads out of our doors, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all wholesale distribution needs.
It doesn't stop there; in fact, we're just getting started.
With warehouses on both
coasts, the Fors Lux Group offers a bi-coastal distribution solution that keeps your shipments moving when others can’t go any further. Our locations mean reduced transit times, increased reliability, and the flexibility needed to meet the complex challenges of unique supply chains. Product arriving late from overseas? Wrong side of the country? Not a problem, the Fors Lux Group is here.
It's this combination of extensive services, authoritative experience and passionate execution that makes the Fors Lux Group a trusted leader in wholesale distribution services and all of our core competencies. When clients need a fiercely committed partner for any aspect of order fulfillment, they can rest easy knowing they have the Fors Lux Group in their corner.