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Distribution on Demand​​

A comprehensive set of services

To be a true wholesale distributor, you have to provide all of the services and experience expected of our industry, while also offering the creativity to solve unique wholesale distributing challenges. Seamlessly blending those key qualities into our service offering is what makes the Fors Lux Group a strategic partner, not just a service provider.


The mission of Fors Lux Group Corporation is to maintain a high standard of excellence in the wholesale distribution industry while fostering an environment of warmth, friendliness, individual pride and customer service.

Our vision for Fors Lux Group Corporation is to be recognized by our peers, suppliers and retailers as the very best in the business because of our philosophy of excellent service, innovation, character and culture, vitality, flexibility and customization.

  • Integrity -   We strive to be consistent in word and action. That means saying what we mean and doing what we say. All the time. 
  • Commitment - We hang in there together - either forever or for as long as it makes sense for everyone involved.
  • Loyalty - Our company is our foundation, and we stand behind it.
  • Respect - Following the Number #1 Rule is the only option: being fair and treating others the way we want to be treated is the only way to live and work.
  • Kindness - When given a choice to be right or to be kind, we will always choose to be kind.
  • Generosity - We gladly give of ourselves to others because we receive so much.
  • Empathy - Caring for others and their needs make us a better company and better people.
  • Faith in the Human Spirit - The power of people and the strength of their spirits have made us who we are!
  • Trustworthiness - We handle it! You can count on us to get things done, and we'll always do our very best.
  • Perseverance - Going the extra mile, overcoming obstacles, trying new things and being open to making mistakes without fear of reprisal is our critical success factors - and we are proud of that!
  • Teamwork - Pulling together makes everything easier and more enjoyable.
  • Balance – When the weight evens out, then the whole scale balances evenly
  • Enjoyment - Life and work are meant to be enjoyed!
  • Excellence - We strive to be the best at everything we do.
  • Growth - We change when it’s needed. We embrace change and continuous improvement within our corporation, within our industry and among ourselves.
"Your Goods Delivered From Anywhere to Everywhere at Any Time."
Doing Business in the modern world requires services to be done differently. Through innovation and the evolution of technology, it is essential to work with businesses that are passionate about making a difference in the fast-growing community of enterprises. At the Fors Lux Group Wholesale Distribution Corporation, we're proud of our team's experience, perspective, and the momentum we bring to a tenacious, uncompromising industry.

Our extensively trained professionals give the Fors Lux Group Team a strong ability to understand our clients' business goals and to extend to them the kind of fulfilment solutions that are not always available in this industry. As the wholesale distribution arena continues to expand and better decision must be made, we have been proven to be the #1 wholesale distributor in the industry.  Our approach is what makes us the trusted wholesale distributor, not just another service provider.
 When our clients need to speak with someone, there are always on-site professionals available. When product packaging evolves, we have the most creative experienced, vendors and equipment to help make it happen. We’re considerate in knowing how much energy goes into getting products on the shelf but seeing our clients' brands in stores nationwide gives us a credit that never fades away. when our clients meet or speak to any of our team members, they understand how the Fors Lux Group is the conduit that helps to increase their businesses.​​

For every fulfillment challenge, the Fors Lux Group creates a solution.

Avoid potential delays and increased shipping costs.

Bi-coastal facilities that make the most of both coasts, reducing transit times and inbound/outbound shipping costs.

Integrating shipping systems without leaving gaps in data availability, data transfer, and reporting functions.

A warehouse team with decades of EDI experience and dedicated in-house IT resources guarantees a quick response and resolution to tech questions.

Researching and securing the best freight and fulfillment rates available.

Established relationships with freight providers and preferential rates deliver cost savings, and in-house experience provided to deliver a one-stop shop for all our clients' fulfillment needs.

Establishing clear communications between warehouse and client functions.

Real-time visibility via our online portal, backed up by a dedicated client account manager (CAM) to quickly resolve any issues. Our CAMs are selected for and trained to have operational expertise and spend time with the team on the floor to ensure good outcomes.

We are a highly responsive team

Our passionate team of fulfillment experts is driven to create the right system for your business, supported by in-house engineers and IT experts.

With our investment in technology, people, and a process-based approach to all we do, Capacity offers everything you need to make your order fulfillment a success.